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Voices Inside My Head

August 1, 2007


Yesterday I received the second of my textbooks for the fall course I’m taking at SJSU in Information Retrieval. Looking over the material, I get the sense that it’s going to be similar to learning a new language for me. After quickly skimming through the textbook, a voice inside my head reminded me that summer is moving fast. The course starts on August 23, which only leaves about three weeks left of summer relaxation. I think this will be my toughest course so far.

On a mostly unrelated note, my wife and I went to see The Police concert here in Connecticut last night. I can remember trying to get my parents to buy tickets for me the last time they played together in 1983. Unfortunately that Shea Stadium concert sold out quickly, and it’s been a long wait to see them together again. But it was well worth it. They played nearly all their hits and sounded like they haven’t missed a beat. I’ve seen Sting four times, but this had a much different feel to it. And in addition to their hits, they played “Voices Inside My Head”, which was always one of my Police favorites. Anyone else out there a Police fan who’s seen them on this tour ? You can read a review of the concert here.

I hope those of you who are also taking a breather from coursework this summer are enjoying your break. Fall will be here soon enough….

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  1. August 4, 2007 5:05 pm

    Denton did a nice job with the review. Pretty much the same show everywhere — I saw them at Fenway last weekend. I had a blast. I knew I was getting the greatest hits, and it was a nice thing to hear “Voices,” “Truth Hits Everybody” and “Bed’s Too Big.” Also, thought “De Do Do Do” was fabulous with Sting’s more punctuated vocal. Worth all the cash.

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