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Summer Course – 9 days, half over

May 22, 2007

Today marks the 9th day of my online “Maymester” course at UNT in Technical Services, and the halfway point. It’s really flying by. There’s such a different feel to this course than the other online ones I’ve taken. With this compressed time period, it feels like I should always be reading or doing something for the course. But the workload has really been fair. I still have two more lecture units to read, two more unit discussion boards and the short research paper to finish by next Thursday the 31st.

I definitely have learned a great deal about the technical services side of libraries: firm orders, claims, subscription agents, etc. Most of my classmates are already working in libraries or seem to have an extensive background in technical services. I’ve enjoyed their postings and have picked up a lot just by listening (or reading, I should say). 

By the way, our next unit deals with cataloging. It’s more of a brief introduction and overview than a how-to. Have any of you taken your cataloging course online ? I’ve seen quite a bit about how much different, and at times difficult, it is to take cataloging online instead of face-to-face. Cataloging is an elective at SJSU, but I’m planning on taking it down the road. Just wondering your experiences with it…

Anyway, back to some more reading…. 

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  1. May 23, 2007 10:37 am

    I have taken cataloging online. It can be a very difficult class to take this way – especially if you haven’t had much exposure to AACR2 and MARC previously. Now, I say that – but want to make it clear that it wasn’t impossible. I was fairly comfortable with MARC fields before I took the class – and had done quite a bit of copy cataloging. This helped me tremendously. The professor will play a large role in how this class works online. My professor was unattentive and unavailable for questions, etc. It made the class one of the worst in my time in grad school. Best of luck!!!

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